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Rancho Cordova residents have a new option for fencing their homes and businesses. PVC fencing is a great alternative to traditional wood or metal fencing. It is durable, low-maintenance, and available in a variety of colors and styles. PVC fencing is perfect for any property, big or small. Contact Rancho Cordova Fence Co today to learn more about this affordable and attractive fencing option! Call  (916) 888-8318 today and get free estimates.

About Rancho Cordova Fence Co

Rancho Cordova Fence Company is the leading company providing PVC fencing in  Rancho Cordova and can help you choose the perfect style and color to match your home or business. Our experienced professionals will take care of everything from installation to maintenance, so you can relax and enjoy your new fence! We have many years of experience in the industry and are proud to offer the highest quality products and services available. We also offer a wide variety of fencing services, including chain link fence, privacy fence, vinyl fence, metal fence, and more! Call us today at (916) 888-8318 to learn more about PVC fencing or visit our website for more information.

PVC Fencing: What You Need To Know

PVC fences are made from polyvinyl chloride, which is a type of plastic. The manufacturing process involves adding chemicals to the PVC so that it becomes harder and more durable. The finished product is then cut into pieces and shipped to fence companies. PVC fences have many benefits, including being low maintenance and long-lasting. If you’re someone who is looking for a new fence, PVC might be the right choice for you!

One of the advantages of PVC fencing is that it is very versatile. It can be used to create fences of all shapes and sizes, making it perfect for any property. It is also available in a variety of colors, so you can choose the perfect one to match your home or business. Another great benefit of PVC fencing is that it requires very little maintenance. Unlike traditional wood fences, which need to be painted or stained every few years, PVC will never rust or decay. This means you’ll save money in the long run! So if you’re looking for a fence that will last for many years, PVC is the right choice!

PVC Fence Installation Process

Installing a PVC fence is a great way to improve the look of your property and add some extra security. But before you start the installation process, there are a few things you need to know. Here is a step-by-step process of how our experts install PVC fences:

First, we will measure the length and height of your fence. This ensures that we order the correct amount of PVC fencing and that it is the right size for your property.

Next, we will dig holes in which to place the posts for your fence. The depth and width of the hole will depend on the type of soil you have.

After the holes have been dug, we will place the posts and secure them in place with concrete. This ensures that your fence is stable and will not move in high winds or heavy rains.

Next, we will attach the rails to the posts using metal brackets. The rails are what hold the fencing panels in place.

Finally, we will attach the fencing panels to the rails. Once all of the panels are in place, your fence is complete!

PVC Fence Maintenance

Once your PVC fence is installed, it is important to maintain it properly. This will ensure that it lasts for many years and continues to look great. Here are a few tips for maintaining your PVC fence:

  • Inspect your fence regularly for any damage. If you see any cracks or breaks, contact our team immediately so we can fix the problem.
  • Keep your fence clean by washing it down with a garden hose or pressure washer. This will remove any dirt or debris that has accumulated on the surface.
  • Apply a coat of PVC sealant every few years to protect the fence from the sun’s UV rays. This will help keep it looking new for many years!

If you follow these simple tips, your PVC fence will last for many years and continue to look great! If you have any questions or need assistance with maintenance, our team is always here to help.

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Rancho Cordova Fence Company has been in business for many years, providing high-quality fences to Rancho Cordova residents. We take pride in our workmanship and customer service, and we’re committed to providing the best possible fencing experience for our customers. Contact us today at  (916) 888-8318 to learn more about our services and see how we can help you with your fencing needs.

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